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About us

About the business

Hey Dream is a (very) small business based in Helsinki, Finland. The webshop was set up in March 2022, and we offer handmade and/or handprinted clothes, jewellery, gifts, and more.

Our processing time might be a little bit longer than the big companies, but we offer a personal touch with a lot of customisation possibilities, because every item is handmade or handprinted, to order. This means we don’t over-produce anything, as we only make the amount that has been ordered.

We want everyone to have the chance to get unique things, without having to order 20 of it. That’s why there’s no minimum order amount on most custom orders.

Every print for t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts are available both on unisex/men’s style and women’s style clothing, because we think you shouldn’t have to choose between the print you want and and the fit you want. A lot of our prints are also available on childrens’ clothes.

We want to offer products that hold up well, and can be used over a long period of time. We create your order with a passion for what we do. 


Sandra is the founder and owner of the company. She does most of the things by herself, and is the one that makes every single item. Sandra grew up in Kimito, but has also lived in Mariehamn, and Bournemouth, England before moving to Helsinki in 2015. She's got a degree in journalism, but ended up feeling like that kind of job wasn’t right for her. She’s had her own business since the beginning of 2015, and has done various different things within it. Hey Dream came about as a combination of her love of creating things, getting a Cricut machine, and her maternity leave ending.


About the team

Even though Sandra does most of the things in the company, she’s got a little bit of help from the rest of her family.




Sandra’s husband. Per helps with a little bit of everything in the business. Nowadays he does more or less 100% of the customer support, and he’s most likely the person you’ll speak to if you contact us. He also takes care of anything that needs to get done in Finnish. He takes care of most of the contact with suppliers, picks up and drops off parcels at the post office, and helps out with feedback about new ideas.



Sandra’s and Per’s son. He’s the benchmark for anything kid and baby related in the shop. If we wouldn’t feel okay with him wearing or using it, we wouldn’t sell it. He also likes telling us when he thinks the prints are pretty while Sandra prints them. 



The family’s miniature dachshund. She’s not allowed near the actual production of the products, but she’s great company for the planning stage, and while Sandra does administrative work. 

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